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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Suka Design Fall Fashion Show 2010

Venue, adorned with stunning light fixtures, friendly and attentive service (which is rare these days!).  We were soon greeted by the night's guest of honour Alisha Schick, with an ear to ear smile and bubbly personality!  We briefly reminiced about the past and wished her well for her show.  Alisha looked smashing in a black mini dress with ruched accentuated shoulders and our fave, the floral tights!!  As we anxiously anticipate the show to begin, we blissfully sip our Valpolicella and listen to La Roux.

Show Line-Up:

Model 1 - Wearing black sleeveless chiffon top with high-waisted skirt with black tights, elegantly paired with a beaded drop necklace.

Model 2 - Sweater dress with oblong square glasses with black cut out tights.

Model 3 - Wearing cerulean tunic with cut out shoulders and feather drop necklace.

Model 4 - Wintery icicle short-sleeved blouse delicately finished with a satin bow. This piece doubles as a dress.  Lastly, the outfit was suitably fitted with white cat's eye frames.  This is A Pleasury favourite and you can buy it now at Bamboo Ballroom.

Model 5 - Sequined suspender dress matched with white accentuated shoulder chemise!  Dazzled with a turquoise strapped chain necklace.  Ooh la la!

Model 6 - Metallic animal print charcoal dress with zipper front, accessorized with a stand-alone black shirt collar.  Knee-high fold-over top black boots (but not your regular boot), these babies have a rhinestone zipper top.

Model 7 - Reflective of outfit number 4 icicle top, this time in white with black chest bow tie.  Accented with frames of rhinestone bedazzlement.

Model 8 - Sheer black short sleeved blouse with gray harem pants. 

Model 9 - Liquid riding pants coupled with "Where the Wild Things Are" inspired charcoal gray sweater.  Oh so cozy...

Model 10 - White dress shirt and elastic band waist, metallic animal print charcoal  hot pants detailed with a turquoise necklace with black chain link.

Model 11 - Wow!! Cat's eye glasses with screw side accents.  That's right, think Home Depot meets Edward Scissorhands!  Match that with cut-out racer-back black mini dress with a sweetheart neckline for a fierce combination.  

And finally the lady of the hour, Alisha Schick, creator of Suka Design, receives her applause with grace and adorable blushing. 

What an evening...with Valpolicella, chic but unassuming ambience, and of course, brilliant and avante garde fashion.

We want to send out a special thanks to Lit Italian Wine Bar, Amore Jewelry, Bamboo Ballroom, Women with Vision Opticians, Pony Tails and Horseshoes, Georgie Magazine, Nicola Gavins Makeup and Artistry and Meese Clothing.

Peruse to view Alisha's latest collection and upcoming events.


  1. You ladies look fashionably fabulous. Loving the idea of featuring local fashion designers. I mostly love the suspender skirt and black mini dress. I am wondering how they would look in my current pathetic and unfashionable closet. How could I tie this look together? Shall I wait until I meet my goal of losing 30 pounds.. I think so. Maybe, just maybe I could start out with the cool cat glasses... I'm sure I could match them to a pair of jeans!

  2. Hello Lilyblossom1019,

    Your words are much too kind! We all need to support our local artists. My fave of this collection is also the suspender skirt..sooo cute!! The cool cat glasses with jeans would be fabulous! Let's go buy them! Just say when....