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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bring Stanley Home!!

Today's post is dedicated to all of you Canucks and hockey fans (especially you Akeelah!!) Although I am not a devote fan, when it comes to the playoffs and a Canadian team is battling for the Cup, I'm all over it!! I was inspired by their team colors of blue, green, and white - fresh, vibrant, and summery! Winning colors for summer and the Vancouver Canucks! Bring Stanley Home!!

Now, this fan has really brung it! Most of us (I don't think?!) would go this far, but kudos brother!! Here are some other ideas to sport the colors of of our Canucks:)

Oohhh, now this is pretty!! Although the guy's makeup is good too!!

Lovely summer dresses to show off your Canuck spirit!! Woot Woot!!

Can you imagine rocking these shoes in the stands?? Yup. I can too!!

Courtesy of LV - a very stylish bag to sneak in your own booze and snacks into the hockey arena!! Yes, I am classy!! LOL

**Game #3 is Monday, June 6th, 2011!!!GO Canucks GO!!**

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