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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lemonade And Summer Braids

From June to September, Row and I can often be seen in top knots or ponytails.  Simple styles that fair well in the heat and still look sharp.  After having spent months and months buried under earmuffs and hats, I am really looking forward to trying some different summer hairstyles.  

During fashion week, we had the fortune of having our hair styled by Mousy Brown's Salon.  One of the looks I had the opportunity to wear consisted of side braids with my hair let out and curly on one side (Mandi, you are a hair genius!!).  As of late I've also taken a real liking to french braids.  My hair is shoulder length however, it is very simple to add some extensions to lengthen the braid (braiding weave extensions, not the weft extensions).  Often times, if the braid is pinned and made tight enough, it should hold its shape in and out of the pool.  And I love that there is so much versatility with braids; you can opt for a fishtail braid, traditional french braid or even a braided ponytail.  I personally cannot wait to lie around, sip lemonade and enjoy the lazy days of summer!


  1. I love Sarah Michelle Gellar's braid... I wish I could recreate it as effortlessly as hers looks!

  2. So pretty right?! We love Sifting Thoughts by the way. So lovely!

  3. Thank you! I find your blog to be so refreshing and so easy to read. I love it!