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Saturday, January 8, 2011

To Sorel Or Not Sorel?

The time is 6:10pm in Edmonton. The snow has been coming down in our city since about 2pm yesterday. The weather forecast states that there will be, "Snow, Snow, and More Snow!" until tomorrow. It is on days like these that the fashion conscious (like moi and Stacey), walk a fine balance between fashion and function. Literally.

Today's post is a personal one. I need to make amends. When I was in grade school, I used to make fun of all of the other kids who wore Sorels.  I mean, first of all, they looked like boys' boots - they were chunky, and only came in black or white. Also, structurally, they are a big boot - one Sorel boot looked like you could fit both legs into one! And, they were heavy! At the time, I did not relate anything remotely fashionable to the Sorel boot. I was wrong. Needless to say, Sorel has definitely come a long way from being just a winter boot for warmth and protection from the snow and cold, as it now carries a wide selection of winter boot wear that is both fashionable and functional. Today, Sorel prides itself in being a brand where, "Low Temperature Comfort Meets High Fashion Style." I am now a true believer. Sorel, this post is for you!

One of the most innovative features, and truly reflective of Canadian and arctic weather, about the Sorel  website, is the "Sort By Temperature" tab. What other footwear website is so tapped into the psyche of online shoppers searching for the perfect winter boot to protect them from the snow and cold, offers a Sort By Temperature tab? More impressively, once you click on this tab, the drop down menu offers the choice of viewing the Sorel winter boot line from either, "Warmest to Coldest," or from "Coldest to Warmest." This my friends, is superb customer service.

This is the Snowlion. It has been designed especially for women as it focuses on giving the boot a less bulky, and more slim silhouette. It is lined with a removable 9mm recycled felt InnerBoot and constructed with a built-in water and wind resistant gaiter to keep snow out and heat in. These boots have been rated to keep your feet toasty warm in -40 degree weather. Also, the Snowlion has "traction enhancing multidrectional lug outsole" - which basically means superb balance walking on the ice and snow. No slippage in these babies!!


I adore these classic Sorels! Elle Macpherson definitely looks urban chic in these boots and you can too. The "Joan of Arc" combines Sorel's celebrated cold-weather performance with a stylish design. This boot is crafted from waterproof full-grain and suede leather and this lovely boot is topped with a faux fur snow cuff. It also has a removable recycled felt InnerBoot  and 2.5mm felt frost plug armor against temperatures of -25 degrees below zero.

Patterned boots are great to add some playfulness to your outdoor winter wardrobe. The "Women's Tivoli High" boot takes style to new heights. It is sleek and lightweight and provides you with the warmth and protection of  a Sorel boot. The waterproof shell is lined with both 100g Thinsulate and a full fleece lining to keep cold out even in the most frigid temperatures. No embarrassing slips or falls in these boots!  

I hope I have done you proud Sorel! Check out their website today at    

If you are still pondering the question of, "To Sorel or not Sorel?" here are some pics  for your consideration or plainly just for fun!           

 To all of our Pleasury Readers who are in Edmonton on this snowy  day, thank you for  always lending a hand, a push, and a shovel, to help a stranger get their vehicle unstuck from the snow.              




  1. I love my Sorels! They are colourful and so warm!

  2. I need to get me some of those I think! Then we can be twinskis again!

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