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Friday, January 7, 2011

Loungin' Well

I love my loungewear almost about as much as I love my eveningwear.  When I'm not feeling 100%, hanging around chez moi, or just running to the convenience store or pharmacy, like any other girl, I want a comfortable fabric and fit!  That being said, comfortable does not equal sloppy.  Today's post is inspired by one of Row and my biggest pet peeves...pyjama pants worn outside of the home!  I understand that all the world is not a catwalk...we have hectic schedules, time constraints and are sometimes fatigued beyond reason.  Fleece pyjama bottoms with cartoons and what have you, are a no-no outside the 4-walls of your home.  The hope is not offend, but to shed some light on the image this projects.  "I just rolled out of bed and am too lazy to change my clothes to go to the store."  It makes one wonder what else this person was too lazy to do (raising the hygiene question...), and if they get back into their sheets with the same pyjamas that they just sat on the dirty bus in!  Opt for yoga or lounge pants instead.

This is certainly not to say that we all have to be decked out like Kim Kardashian every time we leave the house, but there is a right and wrong way to do loungewear.  Wear fabrics that are soft to the touch and not restrictive .  Cotton, fleece, silk and jersey knit are incredibly comfy.  Play with colour and shape and have fun with accessories like scarves and hats!

Talk about having fun with shape!  The way this cardigan drapes looks so casual, natural and comfortable.  Everything works well in this look.  The high pony tail and high-waisted pants are adorable.

Prints and graphics are also great additions to punch up loungewear.  The pink stripes and wide neckline make this more than your average sweatshirt.  

I love love love this purple sweatshirt with black lace.  It's all in the details!

 This is a great example of how to accessorize loungewear.  The knit of the knotted scarf against the billowy top makes a nice mixing of textures.

As of late, I'm loving all things tangerine and vermilion.  The colour just pops and livens up any outfit.  While you wouldn't guess it by looking out the window...spring will be here in no time and this is a lovely shade!!

With flu season upon us, as well as lazy, snowed in days at home, perhaps some of us will be on the hunt for clothing that is more conducive to relaxed, loungy living.  Hopefully we've imparted some helpful ideas :)

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