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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Beginnings

I just loved Row's post on resolutions and wanted to share some of my New Year's resolutions!  Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not a big fan of New Year's Eve parties and the whole idea of "forced fun," but New Year's Eve resolutions are an intriguing concept.  While I don't believe in waiting for a special day of the year to start bettering oneself (there's no time like the present!), I have decided to embark on a few self-improvement journeys.  Some essential, and some a bit more trivial, but still important.

In the hopes of managing stress a bit better, and to take time out of my increasingly busy schedule, I would like to attend as many yoga classes as possible in the upcoming months.  In the past, I've noticed a definite mellowing of my temperament and an increased ability to handle life's curve balls, when I attend yoga sessions regularly (I typically enjoy Hatha Yoga).  Being that it's been almost a year since my last yoga class, I'm on the hunt for some flattering clothes in which to perfect my downward dog.  I'm loving these looks!

This outfit from Zobha looks so elegant and comfortable.  I like how the v-neck is still rather snug; this way I wouldn't end up flashing my instructor while in plank pose!

Now this outfit very much my style.  I love the colour (all my work out frocks are grey or navy...not energetic shades at all).  Also, the ankle ties are perfect, especially for me since I have little chicken legs.  There's more on this subject below lol!

These are yoga jeans by Second Clothing Co.  I'm no yoga aficionado by any stretch of the imagination (or hamstring), so perhaps someone otherwise qualified can explain this concept to me.  While I love denim as much as the next gal, during yoga, I certainly do not want to be in jeans (regardless of how comfortable).  But still, this is a testament to  the saying "Different strokes for different folks!"

Like Row, I too am in search of the perfect tailor; but more important still...the perfect shoe repairman/cobbler.  There used to be a terrific place just off Jasper Avenue and 109th Street in Edmonton called Richard's Shoe Repair, but I don't think Richard is there any longer.  Back when I was living in Montreal, there was a brilliant Spanish leather shop on Bleury just south of rue Sherbrooke.  

Due to my petite ankles and calves, I rely heavily on a good cobbler to take in my boots; otherwise, they are way too loose around my legs...I mean you could probably fit a second leg in one boot!!  Also, since we live in near perpetual winter, I like to add shoe grips on my heels.  Since I will take any opportunity I can to scope new footwear, here are some pretties from Gravity Pope!


A last resolution that I have, is to hit the gym...more specifically the weight room,  and tone up so I can wear some of those hot mini dresses when the weather permits.  I love 60s style mini dresses with their geometric shapes and colours that pop!  Calf raises, squats, leg presses...these are all exercises with which I hope to become well acquainted!  Toned legs (à la Ms. Tina Turner) show a kind of strength and athleticism that I just love!  Here are my favourite 60s icons who, while their dresses were mini, their style and impact certainly were not!

Brigitte Bardot

Francoise Hardy

Jane Birkin

France Gall


Pleasury readers, want to share some of your Fashion Resolutions? Comment on this blog or send us a message on Facebook (just search "A Pleasury of A-Lines and B-Lines") or Twitter (@apleasuryof). Looking forward to hearing all of your fabulous Fashion Resolutions for 2011!


  1. I use Expert Shoe Clinic (10020 103 Avenue Nw) by Pazzo Pazzo downtown for all my shoe needs! Always a fabulous job! : )

  2. Oooh! You're the best! Thanks Tara, I will have to check them out!!

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