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Monday, January 3, 2011

Fashion Resolutions for 2011

Happy New Year Pleasury Readers!! We had a great holiday (and hope all of you did too!), but it also feels great to be back to blogging! How many of you created some New Year's resolutions for 2011? Many of us set universal goals that we strive to achieve prior to the year's end such as eating healthier, exercising,  and, saving money. How about some Fashion Resolutions? As I was researching some content for today's post, I asked my boyfriend what Fashion Resolutions he had for this year, and he replied, "I don't need any Fashion Resolutions. My style's top notch!" He immediately stated that he was joking (yeah right!) I, on the other hand, definitely have some Fashion Resolutions for myself and some that you may want to consider adding to your Fashion Resolutions List for 2011.

Rowena's 2011 Fashion Resolutions:

1) Fall in love with another "go-to-color" - for those of you who know me well, my go-to-color for years and years has been red. Red lipstick, red clothing, shoes, accessories, you name it! I own a lot of red for one person. It is time for me to share the love. Bring it on colors!!

2) Buy a new black, well constructed handbag - my Chanel black leather tote needs to be retired (for now). The search for a replacement bag begins NOW. Pictured below is my retired Chanel bag.

3) Find a new tailor - I used to have this amazingly wonderful and cute 4'11" Filipina tailor who could totally pass as my grandma, who tailored all of my clothes and the best part was that her shop was just around the corner. Sadly, she is no longer there. I used to then have a back up tailor who I used to go to quite a bit back in high school (yes, I learned the importance of having a great tailor very young!), named Yolanda. And she too, has now retired. I have found that it is so critical to have a great tailor at your disposal to ensure that all of your "ready to wear" clothes fit you perfectly. 

4) Invest in quality made sunglasses -  not only to protect my already damaged eyes (I am legally blind without my contacts and have the highest prescription amongst all of my family and friends), but investing in a quality pair of sunglasses is something I haven't done in over 10 years. It is time.

5) Wear more local, and shop more local - as part of Stacey and I's vision for A Pleasury of A-Lines and B-Lines, we want to promote local designers and local retailers. In support of this vision, I am going to continue to make an effort to wear more clothes designed by local designers and not only shop, but encourage others to support our local businesses by shopping, eating, and purchasing other goods and services that are locally based. It's all about giving back to and supporting our community.

Pleasury readers, want to share some of your Fashion Resolutions? Comment on this blog or send us a message on Facebook (just search "A Pleasury of A-Lines and B-Lines") or Twitter (@apleasuryof). Looking forward to hearing all of your fabulous Fashion Resolutions for 2011!



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  1. I have not myself taken anything to this Tailor but have not heard anything negative about this one: Tony the Tailor located on 104th Ave (10172 104 Street).