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Saturday, January 15, 2011


"Growing up in an aboriginal family, respect of all living things has been a huge part of my upbringing, especially the respect of nature. The Earth takes care of us and in return we should take care of her. It is important to my practice to keep my processes as natural as possible. My inspiration comes from the images and colors seen out in nature, I try to imitate them within my practice.
Throughout the last few years I have been exploring the use of natural dyes and different techniques to produce different images on the fabric. I started with the use of wax resist stamping through stencils, and then I moved on to the thickening of natural dyes and applying it through the stencil. Depending on the piece I like to use a series of different dying and printing techniques, from brushing to immersion, or even a simple rusting or rotting.  
As I create my dye vat and start working on a piece, it connects me closely to the earth. I use her colors and forms to help shape the garment, after the fabric is complete. While taking into consideration her elements, such as air, a garment is formed. Each of these Garments are perfect for warm spring or summer days while either relaxing out in nature or for a night out on the town."
- Becca Taylor

Stacey and I met the talented designer last November, and we were instantly intrigued by her innate ability and passion to create clothing truly with, and inspired by nature. Becca Taylor, 21, was born and raised in Edmonton and is a recent graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta, majoring in Fibre. We were rejoined with Becca today as we wanted to share her artist tale and designs with our Pleasury Readers.  
Our scheduled appointment with Becca was for 1pm today. True to Pleasury style, we show up ten minutes late (in our defense, it is a very snowy Saturday in Edmonton, so roads were slick!) Becca and her lovely dog, Neche, greeted us at the door. After shaking the snow off of our boots, we entered her charming home and gathered in the living room. The walls were covered in various Aboriginal art and paintings and the home exuded peace and tranquility. A candle was burning in the living room and shared its aroma of what I smelt was rose, patchouli, and lavender. Splendid
Becca prepared us some chai green tea and we perused through her sketch book. As Stacey and I admired her Regalia pencil sketches (the traditional dance clothing and ornamentation that aboriginal people wear when they dance), Becca shared with us some family history and that her next venture will be with her sister designing mukluks. I admired the graciousness and humbleness with which Becca spoke of her passion for textiles and design. Already a professional artist in the making!
Now to the designs. We relocated to her "artist den," which is in the basement of her home and prepped our camera and iPad to begin working. Tough job I know!
This summer dress is made of raw silk that was dyed in walnut and grape staining throughout. The walnut adds extra lustre to this stunning silk dress. LUVS It!!

This beautiful deep V (also has a deep V back), sleeveless silk dress started off as a white piece of silk. Becca used a wax stamp resist Japanese technique to create the different colored dyes and floral designs. This dress is accentuated with a pig skin belt with shell detailed fringe. Stacey simply adored this dress!!

This knee length skirt with lace overlay (which is actually from an old curtain), was created using the Shibori technique. Shibori is the Japanese word for a variety of ways of embellishing textiles by shaping cloth and securing it before dyeing. The caramel and milk chocolate colors that line the skirt were created using this technique with pine cones. Absolutely stunning! And definitely my style!

These earthy bracelets are made of horse hair, finished with a leather binded section. A simple, yet fashionable twist on "au naturale."
This handcrafted pendant is made with brass and copper. Silver gromets join the two metals together simultaneously creating a subtle dotted design. 

Becca, you are an innovative, environmentally conscious designer. Thank you for opening your home, art, and family to us. Bisous!

Pleasury Readers, if you are interested in learning more about or purchasing her designs, Becca is working towards featuring her Spring and Summer Collection at Western Canada Fashion Week (from March 24 to March 31, 2011) in Edmonton. So look out for her!

Becca Taylor's Contact Information:

Phone: 780.242.1661

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