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Friday, December 17, 2010

Who You Callin Four Eyes?

I've been a faithful wearer of eyeglasses for the last 10 years.  Heavy university reading did me in!  While I'm not hopelessly dependent on my specs, I do wear them daily.  Being someone who is extraordinarily squeamish when it comes to objects anywhere near my eyeball, I've never been able to wear contact lenses.  Even putting on false lashes is an enormous challenge for me!  I know...for shame!  This inability to switch from contacts to glasses makes my eyewear choices all the more crucial for me.  My first pair of glasses was a tortoise shell cat's eye frame; I then graduated to a rather narrow, semi-frameless cream and brown pair.  My current specs are my faves so far, and I love wearing them with a glasses chain (à la librarians and old ladies everywhere).  You can find some beautifully adorned chains and never loose your specs, what a concept!    

For those of us dependent on glasses, frame shape and colour is so important.  Our faces are the first thing people see and our glasses shouldn't hide our best features or accentuate our worst.  Oval face shapes are typically balanced and proportionate, and as such, almost any frame shape suits an oval face.  Rectangle, cat's eye and butterfly frames look smashing on oval face shapes.  Square  face shapes are best suited to a frame with rounder edges to offset strong angles.  Similarly, round face shapes are given length and balance when paired with square/geometric frames.  Cat's eye and butterfly frames work well on a heart shaped face as the curves featured at the bottom of the frame, can balance out a pointier chin.  Here are some more snazzy looks for both men and women!




Last month, Suka Design held a fashion show at Lit Wine Bar and the models also donned eyewear from Women With Vision Opticians.  I just can't stop thinking about this show stopper with the screws attached.  Beyond cool!

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