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Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's All About The Tights

People are always surprised when I tell them that wearing tights with dresses and skirts, etc. is warmer than wearing jeans and pants in the winter. It probably has something to do with the fact that tights are form fitting and thereby act as a second layer of skin? Well, that's my rationale anyway! And regardless, wearing hosiery in the winter is not only warmer for moi, but can be fashionable. You can get so many different looks, styles, and colors of tights to complement any outfit. The best part about tights is that they are totally affordable so you can own as many as you like! My much-loved places to shop for tights at a reasonable price are at,,, and 

1) I find that carry some really fun and playful hosiery (and socks) that I wouldn't even think of adorning my gams in. Here are some of my faves!

These "Snow Bunny" tights will keep you cozy and warm after a day on the slopes! You can pair these tights with a wool mini skirt, some great woolly boots, or a snuggly wrap cardigan sweater. Curl up on the sofa with a hot cocoa with friends or head out to the chalet pub with your girls. These tights can go anywhere!

"Silhouetto of A Woman" tights - absolutely divine! These sheer gray tights embellished with lavender, red, and plum designs will add some flair and femininity to a simply black outfit. 

You can never go wrong with plaid for Winter. These "Launch Plaid" tights would look great paired with a mini skirt (or on Stacey!) and can be worn in the office. What I love about these is that they look like a sock! Details, details...

2) Asos is a UK online fashion outlet for men and women and they carry some killer tights! For the holidays, they have some great deals on right now for international shipping. Don't miss out!

These icy blue "Fairisle Knit" tights look fabulous against black and they are warm too!! The pattern adds texture and versatility to any outfit!

I really appreciate it when online retailers show a bit of the outfit with their hosiery so us shoppers can have some styling ideas on how to pair our new "Chevron Knitted" tights with our wardrobe.

How pretty are these "Woolly Rose" tights? Super sweet!!

3) Urban Outfitters is another gold mine when in search for the hottest hosiery and socks. They carry a wide variety of colors and styles and offer some great deals on hosiery that you can only get online so check them out at

"Opaque with Glitter Back Seam" - will add the perfect hint of glam and sparkle to your party dress. I am definitely getting some for myself!

These "Lightweight Sweater" tights look great worn with your favorite winter boot or sweater dress!

"Garter Fishnet" Tights - ooh lala!! LUVS it!

4) American Apparel has some amazing hosiery with shimmer and shine for the holiday season!
"RSAPH Sparkle Pantyhose" in black/gold are just divine. I have a ton of accessories and dresses that would go splendidly with these tights. Well, I guess I have to pick these up too!!

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