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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Nails Have it

When it comes to shaping and painting nails, us gals have quite a few choices.  I prefer to keep my nails short and filed somewhat squarely (it's best for piano playing and I just feel a bit Dynasty when they are too long!).  The french manicure is quite common for women with longer nails or acrylic and gel nails.  This look is nice, clean and lady-like, but a bit of work to maintain.  Keeping nails clean and unpolished or painted with a nice nude colour, is great for everyday.  For nights out there are so many fun colours to pick from!  

Red is a colour that you just can't go wrong with!  I have my Rougemarie by MAC Cosmetics on standby at all times!  There are about a million and one shades of red too!  Row looks fab in candy apple or fire engine red and I tend to lean towards a deep blood red.  Whether we are talking toes or fingers, red is always a winner.


The lovely thing about nudes is that anyone can wear nude, it looks nice against any skin tone.  It's a softer look that keeps nails looking well manicured but not attention grabbing.  As mentioned before, nude colours are great for everyday, and hands down Essie makes the best nude polishes.  I can scour pots and pans all day like a little Cinderella and this polish stays on!  Nothing is worse than a polish that peels within a day or two.  I think today's busy woman has more important things to do than paint her nails everyday!


For the holiday season, there are a lot of cool colours coming out.  From bright mattes to deep and profound shimmers! 

Source: Chanel Jade

Push those cuticles back and paint the town!

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