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Friday, November 12, 2010

Gentle Fawn Fashion Show

The Gentle Fawn, Foosh and Bamboo Ballroom fashion show was held at The Common in Edmonton.  The venue was filled with a stylish bunch of trendsetters well before the show started.  The decor was fitting with chandeliers and textured wallpaper throughout as well as a photo booth for attendants to capture memories of the night.
We started the evening schmoozing with the jewelry designer for the show, Amore Carandang, as well as chatting with some of the models pre-show.  We met some lovely fashionistas, Chelsey, Kayla Katie and Larissa.  Sugar and spice!


Here we are with the talented and savvy make-up artist, Nicola Gavins.  Check her out at
The Fashion show commenced with the All Out Djs spinning eclectic tunes from electro to Motown mixes.  

Here are some of our favourite pieces of the night:

The fringe detailing on the back makes this more than your average t-shirt and jeans look.

Cropped military jacket with jersey striped mini dress.

Ripped look newspaper print dress. So Sex in the City, Patricia Field woud be proud!

 Sexy black strapless mini dress with a draping gold chain and center gold chain detailing on the waist.

 Sheer chiffon top, shale.  There's a definite allure and mystic here.

Long sleeved wool dress with braided details and cut out shoulders.

Military coat with tan piping.

Light and airy chiffon draped front white and metallic grey top.

Long sleeved webbed black dress with pearl decal.

Black ballerina lace top with tiered and pleated grey skirt.  Boudoir meets boardroom!

Shiny cherry blossom dress with lamé accents.

This model knows how to shake her groove thing on the catwalk!

There seems to be one common theme around the designs and that is detail.  Gentle Fawn Designers Carla and Daniel Hogg take simple pieces such as the little black dress or a t-shirt and jeans, and throw in a statement fabric or cut to make it unique and attention grabbing.   
Shout outs to Alisha for doing a terrific job hosting the event, Justin, Miller, Kyla, Ricci Hair, Nicola Gavins and Amore! Thanks for the awesome pics and video RJ!!
 All these styles and more are available at Bamboo Ballroom and Foosh!  Ladies, stop in and look hotter than ever!


  1. Great show!! It was so nice to meet you lovely ladies!!



  2. It was great to meet you gals too! Hope to see you at another event soon :)