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Saturday, November 13, 2010

That 70s Show

Every few years fashion seems to take its cues from decades past.  The popularity of people like Dita Von Teese and films such as La Vie en Rose, shone the spotlight on earlier 20th century decades and brought glamour back to the forefront.  Being that the 60s were a decade of change and revolution, styles varied a great deal during that time.  From mod pieces like psychedelic mini dresses and go-go boots, to bell bottoms and dashikis.  A few years back 80s style was quite prominent with people wearing neon colours, shoulder pads, Ray Bans and other Ringwald-esque items.

Right now, there is a strong resurgence of 70s style!  More and more we are seeing platform shoes, wide-leg pants, cognac leathers and high-waisted skirts and pants.  Style icons like Jane Birkin and Bianca Jagger made their mark during this decade and it's stayed with us since.  Stylist and model Camille Bidault-Waddington has a definite gift for brilliantly putting together 60s and 70s inspired outfits.

When borrowing styles from decades past, mix and match with more current pieces.  For example, pairing clogs with a modern black leather jacket.  This way, you'll achieve a trendy, stylish look and not have people wondering where you keep your hot tub time machine :)

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