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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

For the love of Chunk

Building on yesterday's post on winter fashion, being someone who is perpetually cold (more so than the average person I think) I am always in search of warm accessories and sweaters.  I love the casual and cosy look of chunky knits, and they are popping up everywhere.  Chunky knit hats and tuques, scarves, sweaters, cardigans, and even dresses are making their way on to store shelves.  Regardless of what wintery mayhem may be brewing outside, one can't help but feel snug and comforted in chunky knits.  The range of colors and patterns available is endless, even roses and nudes are wearable in winter!  There are also more varieties of chunky knit sweaters and dresses with short sleeves, so we can layer as much as we want.  Belting chunky knit sweaters is also loads of fun and achieves a stylish yet comfortable look.  Here are a snood and 2 sweaters I adore!
source: French Connection

source: Mod Cloth

source: Net-A-Porter

38 days till Christmas people!  Today's Christmas gift idea is...berets!  Berets are fun, functional and don't wreck your hairstyle.  They come in numerous colours and embellishments.  As of late, I've seen some with studs, brooches or pretty flowers attached and they can be found in most major department stores!  Let your Kris Kringle channel their inner Catherine Deneuve :)

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