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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Highlights of Rockport's Grand Opening in West Edmonton Mall

Rockport's Grand Opening Event on November 24 was met with excitement and anticipation.  What really struck a chord with us, was how strong the Rockport brand continues to be.  This was evidenced by how many of the customers shared with us that they were longtime loyal Rockport customers.  Several shoppers informed us that had owned the same pair of Rockports for years and swear by the quality of comfort and walkability.  One gentleman even stated that he wore the same pair for over 10 years!  

When asked to attend the Grand Opening as Style Experts, we jumped at the opportunity as it was our honour to represent such a renowned and respected footwear brand.  In researching the Rockport brand we had the opportunity to visit the store prior to the event, peruse their Fall/Winter 2011 collection, and try on a few pairs.  Wowza, they have some seriously comfortable heels!  We, like many women, love wearing heels, but recognize the challenge of finding a pair of killer heels that don't kill your feet.  For the woman who looks like Bambi on ice due to wearing an unstable and ill-constructed shoe, we would like to introduce you to Rockport.  After slipping on a pair, we were shocked by how much they felt like sneakers but in a four-inch heel.  Even after 5 hours of standing, they still felt like pillows on our feet.  Rockport utilizes AdiPRENE Technology which provides shock absorption and rebound technology for long lasting comfort.  For a more comprehensive selection of Rockport footwear with AdiPRENE technology, check out

 As part of our role as Style Experts for the event, we were asked to identify our Top 5 Women's and Top 5 Men's fashions for their Fall/Winter 2011 collection.  Here are our faves!

Top 5 Women's Picks

Top 5 Men's Picks


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