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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Make-Up Artist Extraordinaire Lydia Yapp

For our Becca Taylor Sustainable Fashion Shoot, we had the opportunity to work with many talented Edmontonians that really helped us pull everything together.  One such person was Lydia Yapp.  Lydia provided our models with natural, ethereal looks that fused perfectly with Becca's designs.  She blew us away and totally exceeded our expectations.  If you are looking for a talented makeup artist for an upcoming wedding, photo shoot or event, she's definitely one to call! 
Check out our Pleasury interview with Lydia Yapp!! 

A Pleasury: What drew you to makeup artistry?
LY: What initially drew me to makeup artistry was wanting to FEEL more beautiful.  I remember buying my first face powder at the drugstore, when I was in junior high, for a Backstreet Boys signing at Londonderry mall.  Putting on the makeup made me feel more confident and it snowballed to wanting to learn more about products and techniques.  I'm sad that haven't married any Backstreet Boys, but I now have the tools and capability to help others feel more beautiful and confident!

A Pleasury: Are there any makeup trends that you are just loving right now?
LY: I am really enjoying the spring seasonal trend of bright pink lips!  It's something super bold, fast, and easy to put on in the mornings - paired up with a simple clean eye.  I like using the Covergirl Outlast All Day Lipcolor in Always Rosy paired up with a MAC Superslick liquid eyeliner for a wing-tipped look.  Moving into the summer season (finally!) we're going to see a lot more peachy and bronzy looks.  I like Motives Cosmetics' So Peachy, Burnt Caramel, and Sun Goddess powders...don't forget to dust off with a matte bronzer and top off the lips with a neutral peach gloss!!

A Pleasury: What’s the most sacred item in your makeup bag?
LY: In my makeup kit, everyone MUST HAVE the Urban Decay Potion Primer.  This eye shadow primer is absolutely essential to prevent the eye shadow from creasing.  I like this brand over other eye shadow primers like Smashbox and Too Faced Shadow Insurance because I have ridiculously oily skin that just breaks down makeup like crazy.  This is the best brand I've used for shadow primers.  Another can't-live-without item is my MAC 217 brush.  It makes my job of blending eye shadow so much easier and it can be used to blend out liquid and cream concealers as well as be used to contour areas like the nose.  It's a multi-use brush!

A Pleasury: What advice would you share with aspiring makeup artists?
LY: If you love it, do it.  I spent my first year after getting my makeup certificate doing any makeup related thing I could - whether it was for friends, TFP's (time-for-prints), and even advertising on Kijiji for free makeup applications just so I could practice, develop my portfolio, and develop networking relations.  Some of the free work I did really opened up some doors for me including doing makeup for Western Canada Fashion Week and getting to meet some fantastic people like Linsay Willier from Canada's Next Top Model!

A Pleasury: Do you prefer doing stage/costume makeup or more natural looks?
LY: When I first started out, I loved doing crazy makeup - slap on some glitter and gems, crazy eyelashes, and miscellaneous patterns and artwork on faces!  However, at this moment, I really enjoy doing more natural, pretty makeup on people.  It's nice working with beautiful brides and non-fashion model people sometimes as it brings me back to why I like doing makeup in the first place.

A Pleasury: Are there any upcoming projects that you’d like to share with our readers? What’s next on the horizon?
LY: Well!  We're hoping ( will come up with some workshops next summer depending on my teammates' schedules as well as maybe introducing some makeup products.  I might be flying to Toronto IMATS in November 2011 to check out what products are new and see if we can introduce the best and newest products to our clients.  It's all in the works; we just have to find time to do it!

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