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Monday, May 2, 2011

La Prima Moda Fashion Show

This past Saturday, we had the opportunity to attend a fundraiser fashion show at the Empire Ballroom.  Proceeds went to benefit the Italian Youth Association of Edmonton.  The show featured designers Kelsey McIntyre, Ephram di Medicci, Lisa Marie Sciroli and Natasha Lazarovic.  The pieces were ethereal, delicate and feminine,  and ranged from bridal wear to exotic ethnic fashions.  Regrettably, we were unable to catch Lisa Marie Sciroli's showcase,  however we did see her beautiful Spring/Summer collection during Western Canada Fashion Week.  For a sampling of her designs from that show, check out The WCFW Blog Day Six.  

Ephraim Di Medicci

Serendipity by Kelsey McIntyre

Natasha Lazarovic

The evening wrapped up with a competition between the 4 designers.  They were tasked at creating a gown inspired by Italy and were encouraged to incorporate the flag colours of green, white and red.  

Ephram opted for an exquisite, slim fitting red dress.  The chic yet sexy nature of the dress really embody what it means to be a sultry Italian woman.  I could totally see Monica Bellucci in this dress. 

Kelsey's model floated across the stage like a cloud wearing a ball gown inspired by a frothy latte.  Words such as cafe, were also lightly written in red on the skirt portion of the dress.  So unique!

Natasha's model donned this exotic number including floral head dress.  We love how Natasha was able to meet the requirements of the competition by incorporating the the colours of the Italian flag, while injecting her own style and flavor into the design.  Great job!

The competition winner, Lisa Marie Sciroli created a mermaid style gown with ruching at the bottom and accented with a red sash.  Elegant and beautiful!

The host of the evening, Francesco Sorgiovanni, President of the Italian Youth Association of Edmonton, is seen here with the competition models.  Fab evening everyone!!

Visit the Italian Youth Association of Edmonton site for information and upcoming events!   

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