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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Aging Gracefully

My darling sister suggested that in honour of Mother's Day we touch on the subject of aging gracefully.  The pressure that women feel to look younger is just incredible; both personally and professionally.  We are bombarded with print and television advertisements providing us with solutions to combat aging.  The opportunity to grow old is a gift...not a curse.  I, like many other women, use eye creams and take steps to prevent wrinkles, but there are an increasing number of young girls who take more extreme measures and go under the knife  or receive Botox treatments and it really makes you stop and think.  Just take Heidi Montag, or any of the women from The Real Housewives for example.  The crux of this message though, is to press women to love who they are, inside and out, and if they decide to take steps to improve or maintain their appearance, to just make sure it is for themselves.  Not to conform to society or Hollywood's standards, not to keep up with twenty-something year old girls, and not to hold on to a man...but for themselves.   

 Carmen Dell'Orefice (below) is still modeling at almost 80 years old!

 We stumbled upon this lovely woman back in October 2010 on Edmonton's Whyte Ave

Adorable couple from

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!!!

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