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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why Shop Locally?

Over the course of fashion week, we had the opportunity to interview some of Edmonton's most brilliant designers.  Kelly Madden, Kelsey McIntyre, Nomin Gantamur, Derek Jagodzinsky, Tressa Heckbert and Jenna Marie Daniluck are some of the local designers that we were so fortunate to be able to meet with before WCFW.  We discussed how the industry and local shopping habits have evolved, and their upcoming plans for the future.  A challenge that seems quite common amongst designers is achieving the delicate balance between attracting more retailers to carry their lines, and being cognizant of how much one person can really manage to produce.  A positive theme that everyone has noticed, is that more and more shoppers are looking to buy locally made clothing and accessories.  This is huge as it signals that talented local designers don't necessarily have to move out to larger urban centers to survive.

A critical message that we took from our interviews that we wanted to share with our readers is that REAL talent exists in our city and in our country, and to sustain and foster this creativity, we have to support it.  It is important to shop locally as it stimulates our local economy and allows it to be more self-sufficient.  If you find shopping locally to be somewhat more expensive, it is crucial to consider the reasons why.  These products are typically manufactured in safe, humane conditions, and not mass produced. 

For more information on some of our fave designers and to find out which shops are carrying their lines, check out:

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