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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Swimmingly Well

With the weather starting to take a positive turn and the evenings growing longer, I've been looking into purchasing some new swimwear.  Grant it I'm not planning a beach vacation this summer, nor do I know how to swim (I'm quite certain my bones are lead based or something), I'm still in the market for something spandex and cute.  Bikinis of varying styles are quite prevalent and I own a few myself, but over the last few summers, there's been a resurgence of adorable one-pieces, both vintage and edgy contemporary styles.  

The vintage-inspired one piece leaves a bit to the imagination and really brings out the sex appeal and style of the wearer.  Bare skin isn't the focal point.  The fashionista in the bathing suit is the point of intrigue.  This Norma Kamali swimsuit is sooo Liz Taylor...gush! 

While I absolutely love the vintage-style one pieces, I'm leaning towards a monokini such as the one depicted below.  First thing's first...I should probably do a few more crunches before swimsuit season starts!

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