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Friday, March 25, 2011

Sunaina's Spot

March Madness!! 

March madness not only consists of NCAA basketball, but also Western Canada Fashion Week and of course THE SPRING COLLECTION is out!! Woo! 

However, March 11, 2011 was the day the earth shook. Japan’s tsunami was one of the most recorded disasters ever to be captured. My heart goes out to the victims in Japan. I decided to dedicate this blog to the women of Japan.

Fashion of Japan is known worldwide for setting the trends of cutting-edge style. Hot spots like Harajuko are famous for their lively Japanese street fashion culture. Not only is it a snapshot of how the stylish are driving the Japanese fashion industry but its' the place to spot outgoing innovative style, such as the Harajuku girls who are well known for their colorful cutting-edge look. Some of you may have heard of Harajuku, but may not know much about it. Harajuku style is a type of Japanese fashion adopted by the teenagers and young adults in the area, and it's side streets which have many boutiques, trendy stores and used clothes shops. Japanese Harajuku Girls and Harajuku Style has been used to describe teens dressed in many styles ranging from Gothic Lolita, Ganguro, Gyaru, Kogal, to "cute" Kawaii style clothing. 

 Remember Gwen Stefani and the Harajuko Girls? 


 Absolutely love this picture! Each one of them has something unique about their style.

This nation may have not have the big name designers, but when it comes to the youth and young dressing – their street says it all. No wonder Japanese youth fashion is considered trend setting in the world. 



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